Monday, October 29, 2012

Tree tutorial

Hi guys and a very happy start to a fab week.
I have been so excited about what you are about to see!! It is absolutely stunning! Nancy came to me a few weeks ago with an idea she had for a tutorial. All I can say is that it is soooooooo amazing! So thank you Nancy for sharing this with us all........ Over to Nancy Dawes.  
  • Cut a half circle from your tree base paper.  I used a dinner plate to get the circle round. The radius of the tree should not exceed the size of your box so mine is 5 1/2".
  • Cut about 1/3 of the half circle away and apply strong glue tape to one edge.
  • Roll the half circle around until the edges overlap and secure the glue tape to the other side.  This makes a perfect cone that will stand on its own.
  • Next punch dozens of little sprigs. I used two different colors of green card stock.
  • Begin to glue the sprigs around the cone in rows.  You can also glue sprigs to sprigs to extend the width of the tree.
  • Keep gluing until you have covered the whole cone.

Here is the tree in the process of being decorated.
You can just see the Christmas Fireplace in the background. .
Outside the house is the Post Girl delivering Christmas cards and letters.
She is greeted by the family dog! (the dog and lamp are from Carolers Accessories)

Joyful Joey will hang the candy canes on the tree.
The Christmas angel is played by Joyful Jamie suspended from the edge of the box with wire.
Wreath Racy hangs on for the fun!

The Christmas Kids are ready to decorate the tree.
A Touch of Christmas Sentiment Set
Ginger Baby enjoys the scene from the comfort of the hearth.

Ridley Stocking is hung by the fire.
A basket of cookies from the Carolers Accessories Set.
You can see more pictures and information about making the box on Nancy's blog at Crafting Passions.

Wow are you all amazed!! Thanks so much Nancy and thanks for stopping by everyone. I also have it on good authority that we have another amazing tutorial tomorrow so be sure to come visit us!