Monday, November 14, 2011

Finger Puppets from Digital Stamps!

One of the most creative playthings for children is a puppet. It brings out their imagination, and allows them to develop their creativity from a very young age. It is the most basic of story telling, and evolves into very elaborate imaginative tales of wonderment and character development. The simplest of these are finger puppets. Today's Tuesday Tutorial will show how to print digital images from a Word Document, through your printer, onto fabric. Then these images are sewn into darling little puppets. Then turn an old picture frame into a Playhouse Theater for showing the next Spielberg's masterpieces!
Here's the video:

I hope you enjoyed the show, and will be checking out the Digital Delights stamps and creating some imaginative puppets for storytelling with your little people! (You might want to keep the video camera ready, because "Kids DO say the Darnedest Things")!

Stamps used in this project:
Happy creating ~

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