Monday, May 23, 2011

Under the Sea Gel Card

Good morning, and welcome to another Tuesday tutorial. Beth Norman here showing you how to make your own Under the Sea gel card. I had so much fun making this for a couple of reasons: 1) it was the first time I used coloured images from Digital Delights, as I'm a die-hard colourer, 2) it was my first gel card.

All of my images from this card, and the one at the bottom of this tutorial, are from the Under the Sea set.

Have a magical day creating your own gel card.


Digital Delights sea images
Nestabilities, in two sizes
Gel such as hand sanitizer

Use two sizes of Nestabilities to create an inside panel as seen on the right hand side.

Add a small dollop of gel into the bag. If you add too much, the baggy will buckle as it is folded.

Place your gel bag over top of the open circles. With tape, adhere your gel bag. Fold the bag as necessary so that the bag does not show through when looking at it from the front. If you have a smaller baggy, it won't be necessary to fold edges.

Glue down your Digital Delights images to your background. Lay the gel bag over top of your background image by using strong adhesive.

Here is a less-detailed card that uses more cute Digital Delights images. So have a whale of a time with making your gel card.

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  1. This is absolutely darling Beth and looks like it was a lot of fun to create too:)