Monday, February 21, 2011

It's a Girl! A Practically Perfect Baby Announcement

With the birth of my practically perfect grandbaby girl, I just couldn’t resist making a Z-fold baby announcement card.

First of all, I selected my images from Digital Delights by Louby Loo and downloaded them to my digital delights file. In this case, I used the “Little Dumpling and Stork” and the “It’s a Girl” images.

Here are the supplies used:
1 sheet of pink cardstock (8.5”x11”) from my stash and white cardstock (I purchase by the ream from Sam’s Club)
 Copic markers Light Pink (RV12), Tender Pink (RV13), Skin White (E00), Powder Pink (YR00), Flesh Pink (E95), Buttercup Yellow (Y21), Orange (VR68) and Brown (E08),
Copic’s At You Spica Silver (00) glitter gel pen;
Close to My Heart Excusive Inks Cotton Candy (Z2193) 
Sparkle and Sprinkle Snow White Flocking (FL101), Sparkle and Sprinkle Bubble Gum Glitter (G1088);
Sparkle and Sprinkle Brushable Glue
 detail brush
Ribbon from my stash
pink crystals (one small, three medium) from Making Memories Sabrina set
a bone folder
corner rounder.

I downloaded my images and sized the Little Dumpling’s and Stork to fit in a 5” X 4” window. I sized the “It’s a Girl” image to fit in the upper half of a 2 ½ “ x 4” window with the medallion actually measuring 2”x 2”. In the lower half of that window, I typed the baby’s name, birthdate, weight and height.

First I cut my Z fold cardstock so that it measures 4.5” x 11”. Then, with my bone folder, I created a fold 2 ¾” (FOLD 2) from the left-hand horizontal edge. Then I created a another fold 5 ½” (FOLD 1) from the left-hand horizontal edge. Then I folded the the card base at FOLD 1 (5 ½”) so that there were two equal halves. Then I folded the the card base at FOLD 2 (2 ¾”) back on itself. The result should be a fold that looks like a “Z”.

I then rounded the corners on the Z-fold card and on the two image cards and created a chalking effect around the edges of both. You do this by taking a craft sponge and loading by rubbing it over your ink pad. Then, with a downward motion, rub the sponge against the edge of the cardstock. This causes the sponged ink to burst onto the the cardstock, leaving a soft residue that looks like chalk.  Do this around the full edge of the cardstock. You don’t have to the sponge every time. Just reload when you see that it’s stopped.

With my Light Pink Copic marker (RV12), I created an inside border around the stork. I took my Copic blending marking to feather the edges a bit. I used that same Light Pink on the baby blanket and a slightly darker Tender Pink (RV 13) on the inside of the blanket. I used circular motions to apply the color on the paper.  I colored the baby’s flesh with Copic Skin White (E00) and applied Powder Pink (YR00) to create an inside border. I blended the edges with Skin White. Flesh Pink (E95) brought color to the cheeks and Buttercup Yellow (Y21) lent color to the hair. The stork’s beak and legs are colored with Copic Orange (VR68) and edged with Brown (E08). I didn’t apply any color to the “It’s a Girl” medallion, but I did add a bit of sparkle by accenting the burst with Copic’s At You Spica Silver (00) glitter gel pen.

Now its time to make our creation sparkle a bit, and I did this with flocking and glitter. First, using a glue brush, I applied glue over the small section I wanted to flock. I applied the flocking, let it dry a few minutes and then tapped off the excess. I repeated this process until the stork’s body was covered with flocking. I DID NOT flock the beak or the legs. Then I applied the my glitter to the blanket edges by brushing glue along the blanket trim inside the outline stitch and dropping in Sparkle N Sprinkle’s Bubble Gum fine glitter powder. I did the the same around the edges of the “It’s a girl” medallion.

Now that the two panels are embellished, center and glue the smaller one to the front Z panel and the larger one to the last panel.

To finish the project, I put a small pink crystal inside the medallion burst and three medium-sized pink crystals at the lower right edge of the stork panel. I pulled some pink dotted ribbon from my stash and cut off about 2 or 3 inches, knotted it in the middle and applied it to the bottom of the page with a mini glue dot. I’ll drop it in the mail tonight along with a picture of Baby Morgan to my mother-in-law in Oregon.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial


  1. What a darlin' card, Diane, and a great tutorial! Congratulations on the new grandbaby!

  2. Congratulations Grandma!
    Loved your tutorial! So cute!