Friday, January 21, 2011

Digital Delights Saturday Tutorial - How to Customize the new Blank Ticket

It's Anita, and I am thrilled to be here today with a tutorial on how I merge digi images using Gimp! With the release this week of the AWESOME ticket set, I thought it would be useful for some people to see how you can make use of that blank ticket with some of the other sentiments we have in the store. Today I’m going to show you how to merge the blank ticket and the Toad Sentiment, to create a Toadally awesome new ticket!

First thing you need to do is set up your new document in GIMP. I like to set mine up in inches because it’s easier to measure LOL.  Optimum printing is 300 DPI, so make sure you put that in for the pixels per inch. Make sure you fill with “Transparancy”. Hit OK.

You’ll end up with a big screen filled with a checkerboard pattern.  Open the blankticket.png  file as a layer. You want the .png version because it’s transparent. Your screen will look like this:

Next you want to size your ticket appropriately. Click on the scale tool. Make sure you click on the box at the bottom that says “Keep Aspect Ratio” as you don’t want to change the proportions of the image, just the size. Then type in the size you want to the boxes. I’ve chosen a 2 inch wide tag and it automatically puts in the height to match.

At this point, I zoom in up close so I can see what I’m doing better…I’ve gone to 100% view.  Click “Open As Layer” and insert the sentiment you want to make into a ticket. I’m using the Toad Sentiment today. It is in .jpg format, so once you insert it, you want to make the white part transparent so it won’t hide any lines on the ticket. Click on Color at the top and then “Color to Alpha” and it will make the white disappear.

Now you need to scale/stretch your sentiment to fit the ticket.

Now you need to merge the layers into one image. Click on Image and then “Merge Visible Layers”. For this project, the choices in there don’t really matter, so just click “merge”.

If you zoom out again, you’ll see you have a little image on a big page. Click on Image, then “Autocrop Image” and it will crop out all the extra space.

Save your image as a .png so that it will keep its transparency for merging with other images. If you prefer to work with .jpg files, or you need .jpg to print for some reason, you can follow these same steps with the .jpg files and make a .jpg. There is really no difference if you’re going to print the image out by itself and trim to add to a project. Here is the new ticket I created.

Print your images as you normally do (I use Word to print a whole page of digis at once), and add to your card. I hope you have fun making your own tickets with this new ticket sentiment set. We’d love to see what you do with them. Here's how I used this ticket:

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  1. Anita, thanks for filling in for me while my cmputer was on the fritz. I really loved your tutorial and the finished card is so adorable. Welcome to our great team!