Monday, October 11, 2010

Gimp Tutorial and adding Watermarks!

Hey all,
It's Tuesday and it's tutorial time with me Jo.....

Well today I'm doing some quick basic tutorials with Gimp (free graphics software download online) for adding borders, curving corners and adding watermarks to your creations......

Plus Wendy has some fab watermarks to purchase that she will create and personalise for you!

Well first up is the basics...... 

Opening Images

So say you have taken your pictures of your wonderful creations and have uploaded or connected your camera to your computer.  We need to find and open your pictures and open Gimp and you should have your blank working screen (right) and your toolbar (left)

Ok now we need to open our picture....
Easy we just use the navigation bar on the left to find your pictures...
Once found we click open


Now I have too much background, so I need to crop.....
So using the left toolbar we select the crop tool which I have circled in red

So we create a rectangle of what we want to keep....

And here's the cropped image

OK now we can play and use the Filters, have a play around...
Remember you can always use the EDIT UNDO!!!!!

So click on Filters and choose from the list, and let Gimp do the work!

I have used Round Corners and Border filters here......

This is the round corner toolbar will open and you can adjust the radius of the corners.......

Here I have added a Border and a Bevel

This is the Border toolbar....... play with the size and colour

Have a play there are some real fun effects!
This is the Bevel toolbar....... play with the thickness
Look forward in seeing your creations, touch ups 
and beautiful presentations!

Adding Watermark

Ok to add a Watermark we need to open your watermark 
the same as you found your pictures!

Here's my lovely watermark that Wendy has created, so cute, I love Larry!

We need to click on Edit and Copy

Now we can paste on to our creation...
So again Edit and Paste

Now don't panic if the watermark appears like this

 Right, we now use the move layer tool, which I have highlighted in Red on the toolbar

 And you can use your mouse to move your watermark to wherever you wish
You can also resize by using the resize tool, it looks like a small square and a big square icon, 
but remember play, hover your mouse over your toolbar!

And our finished creation should look like this and I'm sure would look 
more professional and wonderful on your blogs!

Happy playing, hope you have enjoyed this glimpse into Gimp
would love to hear about what you have found, 
and any questions please ask me!

Hugs Jo xxx


  1. Fantastic tutorial Jo and wonderful for all GIMP users:)

  2. Thank you SO MUCH! I have GIMP and haven't been comfortable with adding my watermark... I'm sure I can handle it now!