Saturday, September 11, 2010

Saturday Tutorial - Paper roses for your cards

Morning fellow crafters!

This week, I'll show you how to create 
beautiful 3D paper roses to add
to your cards and crafting projects:

Ready? Let's start!

We will be using a 5 petal flower punch. 
From your favoite DP, you will need 4 punched shapes.

On all four shapes, using your scissors or craft knife, cut a slit
between each petals, as indicated on the picture:

On the first punched shape, extend that slit down to the center:

On the second shape, completely take away one of the petals:

On the third shape, completely cut away two of the petals:

The fourth shape will be kept as is for the base of the rose and .
keep the 2 petals you retreived from shape #3.
So far, here is what you should have:

For those of you who would like to ink the edges, 
now would be a good time to do so, but this is optional:

Taking the 1st shape (with slit down to middle)
Glue it in a "cone shape" overlaping 2 petals:
Do the same for shapes #2 and #3
Now your pieces will look like this:

Using a pencil or the handle of a brush, curl back all 
the petals on each shapes:

Your pieces will look like this:
To flatten the cones to have less bulk, here is what I do: 
using a pencil or marker with a flat end, I gently press down in
the center of my shape...
and repeat the process for shape #3
For the last one, you can simply snip off the end (about 1/3)

Then glue the 4 petal shape in the center of our base 5 petal one:

And then, the 3 petal shape in the center of the 4 petal one:

Now glue the 2 petal shape in the center of the 3 petal one:

Remember that 2 petal piece you removed earlier and we kept?
Now it's time to roll it up in a cone. Shaping it with your fingers to
roll back the edges to create like a bud and closing it with a dab
of glue. Hold it while it dries.

Check the height in the center of your flower and trim 
accordingly before gluing it down.

And there you go! wonderful handmade paper roses to add to any 
of your projects... dont be fooled by the numerous steps, for those
can be done in no time! 
Proof: all of the below roses were done within an hour or so,
so grab your scissors paper and glue and make yourself
some beautiful roses!

Happy Crafting!


  1. Oh wow Nathalie, these are beautiful!! Another thing to add to my list of gotta try:)

  2. Your flowers are beautiful. Thank you for the tutorial. I can't wait to try this. Cheers, Tanya R.

  3. Brilliant tutorial, really want to have a go with this one. Have seen this tutorial before but yours was so easy to follow. Hugs

  4. Awesome tutorial Nathalie! I have to give this one a try, your roses are gorgeous!

  5. Another fabulous tutorial Nathalie! I love these beautiful roses! Thanks once again for sharing your amazing know-how! :)

  6. Awesome!

    I'm going to have to try your tutorial very soon!


  7. Thanks so much! I made some roses this weekend because of your tutorial and I am sharing the link too!


  8. Fantastic! I wouldn't normally try something that looks so fiddly, but you've inspired me with your tutorial that makes it look easy enough for me to attempt it!

  9. thanks for a great tutorial, I'm sorry it's almost midnight because I want to try it now! The morning will have to do ;)

  10. Nathalie, your tutorial makes this look so easy. I tried it and my roses aren't as pretty as yours but I will keep trying. I'm having a problem with the center. I love yours. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Beautiful. Where have you all been all my life. I'm just finding this site and it is awesome.
    Thanks for sharing,