Friday, September 3, 2010

Saturday Tutorial - 2 Cute to spook!! Candy holder

Hello fellow crafters!

I'm still in "Halloween mode" this week and I wanted to 
show you how to create this cute little dimensional 
lollipop packet, that you can cutomize for your 
little ones or as party favors...

So here is this week's project:

Ready? Let's start!

Print out your favorite DD Haloween stamps.
For mine, I choose the "Ghost in the cauldron" and the "Haunted House"
that is included in the "Halloween Accessories Set" and I also
printed the "2 Cute 2 Spook" from the "Halloween Sentiment Set"

Then you color using your favorite medium...

Now let's cut them out to be ready to put on our card...
you do so as you wish to. I 3d decoupaged my ghost and
have cut all around my house and tree

Now let's prepare the card base.
I used a piece of 5 x 11" white cardstock. I creased it at:
1.5", 3", 5" and 7"

Then you can dress it up to your taste with DPs
Here I'm using some "Scrap Within Reach - Cambridge Collection
I am placing my "Hauted House" on the back pannel
and adding double sided foam tape in between layers
so it will retain some dimension

I glue down the back pannel. Then I position my 
"Ghost in a cauldron".
I can then secure that flap also...

Then it will look odd cause it also needs to be secured underneath
so I am using double sided tape to close both flaps

Then you add your sentiment and any other embellishment 
you might wish!

I customized that one for my youngest son and added a 
few lolly pops, but you could add any slim candy 
or chocolate bar that will fill the pockets... mmmmmmm chocolate!!! 

So again, the final product:

As usual dont forget to check back on Tuesday
to see what Denetra will have for you!

Happy Crafting!


  1. How cute is this Nathalie!! The kids will LUV it:)