Saturday, July 24, 2010

Saturday Tutorial - Coloring your paper flowers with alcohol based markers

Morning all fellow crafters!

I have mentionned a few times that I do color the paper 
flowers on most of my cards for them to be customized for 
each project I make. I did receive a few requests on how to 
do this and this is what today's tutorial will be about: 

"How to color your paper flowers with alcohol based markers"

I will ask you to forgive me for the video is my first one
and english is not my first language...
but that being said, I hope you will enjoy it and
if you have any question, do not hesitate to write
in the comments :)

Then you can add them to your projects and they will fit every time!

Make sure to be back on Tuesday for DeNetra's Tutorial :)
Happy crafting!


  1. That was fabulous. A great technique, well taught. Thanks Nathalie.

  2. This was very very helpful to me ! great tip about how using water would take away your texture i would not have thought about that.
    wonderful video...nice to hear your sweet voice.

    do you think that you can blend copics with the 95% alcohol and paint prush when you are coloring an image ?? kinda like using the colorless blender ??
    and where did you get those flowers...? i can only find them online based in the UK.
    my email:

  3. Fantastic Nathalie! Not only a great tut but fantastic job on the video too!!

  4. This is a wonderful tutorial! I totally love the idea! Now I just need to find the flowers! Thanks for the ideas!!

  5. Hi ladies, thanks for the comments glad you liked it! I buy my flowers mostly online, my major sources being in USA and UK or I do make my own also, depending of the time I have available... but that will be another tutorial! ;)

  6. DeNetra, yes the alcool works too for blending when coloring with the copics, but it spreads a tad more than the actual Copic "0" solution... have a play, you will see you can get some lovely efects :)

  7. Wonderful video! Thank you for sharing this great technique. I can't wait to try it out.

    Can you clarify where you get your flowers? My email is

    Thank you

  8. Super video and thank you. Mine never look good after trying to color them, but I didn't use the brush. Awesome tutorial!

  9. Great video! Thanks for sharing.