Monday, June 21, 2010

Honey Pot Larry Shaped Card Tutorial

Good Morning All, well its 6.52 here in the UK so here's my Tutorial on Honey Pot Larry shaped card!

Following on from yesterday's GIMP Tutorial........

I have thought long and hard about what to come up with for my first tutorial…..I’m personally loving shaped cards at this present time (I change like the wind by the way) and I love to sit down of an evening to use my scissors to cut out shapes and digi images and to colour & glitter followed by some decoupage.

So this weeks tutorial I have decided to use this very cute image of Honey Pot Larry he is just adorable and to make Larry into a full sized shaped card and to complete with decoupage, colour and glitter & glaze.

I hope you like it!


Here are the basic tools I will be using:

• Digital Delights Honey Pot Larry
• White Cardstock
• Score Board & Scoring Tool
• Scissors
• 3d Foam Pads
• Le Plume II Water Pens or any other form of colouring
• White Glitter Glue
• Clear Glaze

Let’s get cracking……

Ok, I have printed the digi images off using Gimp Image Editor Package, as it is free any you all can access it, if you don’t have software for digi images this is great to start with. I have placed a basic tutorial on Digital Delights Tutorials yesterday and on my blog showing how I got my Honey Pot Larry digi images ready to play with!  So hope you can continue and follow on from there......

1. So we have 1 base card size is 11" x 5.5" and 4 extra digi images of Honey Pot Larry are approx. 5.5" square but it's up to you on which size you require:

2. Time to get colouring and cutting… I’ve used Marvy Le Plume II Watercolour Pens with a Water Brush, but use what you feel comfortable with. Here we go, ready for our decoupage layers!

Colour & cut out steps of Honey Pot Larry, should look like this:

Colour & cut out:

1. Card Base Shape

2. Larry’s Body, Honey Pot & Wings

3. Larry’s Body & Honey Pot

4. Larry’s Arms, Honey Pot & Feet

5. Larry’s Hands & Feet

3. Next Step is to create your card base, your shaped card. Score along Larry’s Left Wing as shown below, fold you card in half:

4. Now for the Glitter, add white glitter glue to two layers of Larry’s Wings (remember one is your Base Card)

5. Once dried we are now ready to cut out the card shape by following the digi image outline, remember not to cut the folded wing as his is the hinge for the card to open, plus you can leave the piece of card between Larry's feet for support, it should look like this:

6. Now we can get layering! Using your sticky foam pads or foam tape, stick on to the back of all your decoupage layers as shown below, leave Larry's wings as they are free to move:

7. Now we can start to layer, remove the backing from the foam pads and layer as shown below:

First Layer: Larry’s Body, Honey Pot & but not on Wings
Second Layer: Larry’s Body & Honey Pot (No Wings)
Third Layer: Larry’s Arms, Honey Pot & Nose
Forth Layer: Larry’s Hands & Feet





8. Then use your glaze to glaze Larry’s honey that’s coming out of the pot and his eyes and we are done!

Here's a few finished pictures.........

Hope you all could follow and enjoyed, feedback would be appreciated!

Love & Hugs Jo xxx


  1. Hi Jo
    A fabulous card and thankyou for the tips,
    hugs Dianne xx

  2. Cute card. I love the stacked look ! Very cute. Easy to understand steps...I will have to try this !


  3. Stunning card! Amazing idea!

  4. Absolutely adorable!! Thanks for the great tutorial!

  5. wow, wonderful job with all the details and Layers!!!!

  6. SUPER!!!
    Dziękuję za kursik na pewno skorzystam:)

  7. Amazing Jo. Thank you for grate tutorial. Hugs, Nataliya.

  8. Wow! Found your site, great tutorials. Thank you soooo much.