Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Envelobox with Digital Stamps

Good Morning Everyone!
This is my first tutorial, so be gentle...

This morning I want to show you how to create an envelobox for an A2 (5 1/2 X 4 1/4) card. But I also want to show you how to print a digital image onto your envelobox.

What the heck is an envelobox?
It's simply an envelope with extra room to accommodate all those fab embellis we love to add to our cards!

Here are the basic tools I will be using along with a corner rounder punch, coordinating ink pad & sponge dauber.
Now please note: You can use either The Enveloper (which I am using for this demonstration)
You can use a Scor Pal or any other type of scoring tool the has measurements.

Okay Let's get started...
The first thing we need to do is print out our image.
I am using the GIMP program, but you can use whatever photo program you use to add your watermarks.

Open your program and select FILE, NEW.
We want our canvas to be 8.25 X 8.25 inches with a white background.

Next we want to add a transparent layer
(Select LAYER to get to this screen)
Tick Transparent, then OK.

Next we want to open the PNG image that we are going to use.
I am using Flamingo Kisses.
Under EDIT, select copy. Close the image window.
On your canvas, select EDIT, Then PASTE.

Now these two love birds are going to be GINORMOUS! No Problem. Click the SCALE tool,
the SCALE window will pop open. In the width & height boxes type in 1.75 X 1.75 inches.
Alrighty! That's better!

Next we have to rotate our image 45 degrees.
Select TOOLS, TRANSFORM, ROTATE, type in 45, then click rotate.

Select your MOVE tool (the one that looks like a cross), place your cursor on the outer most part of your image, in this case it's the heel of the flamingo.
(Do Flamingos have "heels"?)
Looking at the measurement guides on the top and sides place that heel at exactly 3/4 inches on the horizontal ruler and 3 3/4 inches on the vertical ruler.

Now print your image out on a piece of 8 1/2 X 11 inch cards stock or DP.

Next, starting from the upper left corner, position your paper to cut an 8 1/4 X 8 1/4 inch square.

After it's cut, it should look like this:

Here I am using the Enveloper tool. If you want to use a Scor-Pal for this part:
Click here for the scoring directions

To use the Enveloper, score line D for the short sides, and F for the long sides.

Next take your scissors and cut notches where the score lines intersect on the sides.

You can color your image if you like. Don't worry about Copic 'bleed through" because we are going to line our envelobox.

I really like the look of scalloped edges, but you can skip this if you want.
Here's all you do...start at the point and punch 1 full scallop, turn your punch and go up the side. When you start to do the other side, just make sure that your punch is aligned with the full scallop over the point.

Now that we have our lovely decorative edge on the back flap, let's put this baby together!
Place 1/4 inch Scor-tape on both side flaps. If you don't have Scor-tape, you can use any kind of STRONG adhesive or glue (Such as Beacon's 3-1 or Zip Dry).

Place a little adhesive on the opposite side of the point, and fold it in.
Still With Me???

Ready to line our envelobox?

Cut some DP 5 1/2 X5 1/2

While holding it in place (where you want your liner to be) trim the sides. I also had to trim a tad off of the bottom too.

Slide your DP into the envelobox. I like to use a corner rounder punch on the top, but it's completely up to you.

Next apply your adhesive or tape to the TOP FLAP ONLY to adhere your liner.

Here I've just sponged a little ink around the scallops on the back flap for some color.

Look how nicely the thick card slides into the envelobox!
No more smooshed flowers or ripped brads when it goes through the mail!

And here we have it! Our finished set!

Thank you so much for sticking with me and I hope this was informative, fun and helpful to you!


  1. Hey Girlfriend,
    What an awesome tutorial! Ever thought of doing this full time??? Your instructions are so clear and straightforward - now all I need is the computer programme to go along with your fabulous instructions and I'm set to go!!! I have quite a few PNG files but can't use them because I don't know how to!!! I just get big black boxes on my printouts!!
    Thank you for a fabulous tutorial Lisa!
    Huge hugs
    Dawn xx

  2. This is fantastic i have a card i need an envelope for .. Guess what i will be trying LOL

    Hugs Janette
    Stamping Dragon Designs

  3. Brilliant... I will have to keep popping back until I get it right!

  4. Just found your very first tutorial. Wow! Will be checking all the dates now until I catch up!!

  5. Great to see our enveloper is being put to such good use! Love the project!

    Sara (from Crafter's Companion)