Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Easter Banner

I decided to make an Easter banner to put up in my classroom.

The materials I used:
~Digital Delights Easter digital images printed off
~patterned paper
~coloring materials
~embellishments (flowers, buttons,thread, ink)
~Bling- Stickles or glitter powder(optional)
~border punch
~pop dots or3D squares

I used my print program to create my triangles. My banner wasn't very as I got 4 triangles on a regular 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of cardstock. You can make yours as big as you wish.I decided to go with 6 triangles for my banner but,again, you can choose more or less than that.
I cut them out and turned them over because I wanted to use the side with no printing on them. I inked them around and let them dry.
I flipped them all back over and laid them all out in a straight line and put a line of glue at the top edge of the triangles.
Then I put a piece of ribbon along the top edge and let that dry.
I flipped them back over. With the patterned paper I punched out some pieces of border to glue at the top of the triangles. I realized after that I could have done this BEFORE gluing them and it would have been easier to trim the pieces. Oh well. It wasn't all that tough, however...and I was thinking after that it would have been nice to add another piece of ribbon across the top on the front as well. (so just an idea for you to try!)
I sized my images to fit the triangles.Here are the images I printed off. I colored them and cut them out. You can size yours as well to the size of your triangles. I also did some paper piecing. I paper pieced the Easter Eggs in each image.
I added them to the triangles with the 3D squares.
Here is what it looked like.
I added embellishments to the 2 outside triangles (flower and button) and added Stickles glitter to the images.

Here's what it looks like finished and hanging on the wall.

Enjoy!!! Let us know if you try it!!! We'd LOVEEEEE to see it!! Of course it doesn't have to be Easter themed! There are sooooo many awesome digital to choose from at the Digital Delights store that you could do just about any kind of themed banner!

Deanne Burton