Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Don't Be Late Ever Again!!!

Make a clock using the "Digital Delights in Wonderland" images and you'll never be late for any more important dates!!!

I decided NOT to do something stitched this week, as the rage right now is Alice In Wonderland!!! I decided to alter a clock!

The images that I used for this tutorial are:
Wonderland Briley

Queen of Hearts Bonnie

Mad Hatter Peyton

Sydney the White Rabbit

~Colored Digital Delights images
~Number Stickers
~Distressing ink (optional)
~Sanding tool (optional)

1.Trace the shape of the clock onto the cardstock with a pencil and cut out. Lay the circle on top of the clock and find where the center is and mark it with a pencil. Cut a straight line up to the center and then cut out a small hole.
2. Put glue all over the front of the clock and place the cardstock on top and pressing it down so there are no bubbles in it, and adjusting it so it fits snugly on the cut line. The better the fit, the less you will see the cut line.Trim off any excess cardstock. I sanded the edges and inked it but this is optional.
3. With a pencil, mark the numbers on the clock very lightly. What I did was set it on 12 BEFORE I glued it down so I'd know where 12 was. Then carefully moved the minute hand around until it was 1:00 and marked it, then continued on right around the clock until I had all the numbers written in.

4. I cut out the images and decided where I wanted to glue them down. Here are the colored images glued to the clock. Make sure to flatten them so that there are no ends sticking up that the hands could get caught up on when you use the clock. Add the number stickers using the penciled-in marks you placed there earlier. Then carefully erase any pencil marks.

This is a rather simple project, but I was sorta nervous about it as I had never altered a clock before. And you know what the FUNNEST part of this was??? Coloring the images!!! Yay!!! I love them and especially adore Mad Hatter Peyton!!!


If you try it let me know!! Also, about the movie,if you've seen it and tell me if you liked it.



  1. Wow, great project and tutorial. Very cute!

  2. SUPER CUTE!! Love this clock and love the Alice in Wonderland digis!! How fun *Ü* Thanks for sharing!

  3. This is crazy cute! I love it!