Monday, February 22, 2010

A Delightful Purse!

UPDATE: My son chose lucky #ll as the winner, so that means it's BOBBI!!! Bobbi, please email me at with your address and I'll get it in the mail for you!

Hi everyone!!

I wanted to STITCH something this week and was first thinking about a baby quilt! I still may do that, but I started with something simpler this week!

~printer fabric sheets
~embroidery thread
~embroidery hoop
~paint, paintbrush (optional)
~velcro (or a button)
~Digital Delights image (for this project I used Libby Ladybug)

1.This is the printer fabric sheet.

2. Using my print program and regular sheets, I played with the position of the image until I got it in the right place I wanted it.

3. Then I printed it out on the printer fabric sheet.

4. My printer sheet had a layer of plastic on it so I tore that off (as the instructions said), and placed the fabric sheet in the embroidersy hoop. (It was too big, but I couldn't find my smaller one, so I HAD to use this one!) Using my needle and threads, I began to stitch it.

5. Here's what it looked like after it was all stitched. (except for the dots). If you are not going to paint it, you can fill in the dots with thread.

6. I then painted the image. (this is optional, as you can just leave it stitched, and it looks just fine like that too!)

Here's what it looked like with the black painted in.

7. Once the image was all painted, I waited for it to dry. I folded the fabric to form the purse shape. (like an envelope!)Then I used a blanket stitch to stitch up the sides. I folded the top corners of the flap and then stitched all up around that as well.

8. I added velcro so it would close nicely. Instead of velcro, you could add a button and make a button hole and blanket stitch around the button hole.

Here's a Libby Ladybug up close and personal!!! hehe!
*click on any image to see a larger view.

Your purse could be used for coupons, receipts, cheques, photos, and some of you may even have some money you could put in there ( I know I DON'T!!!)!!! Hehe!!!

What other things could you use it for? Have any ideas? Leave us a comment and tell us!

Also, I'd like to do another stitching project for my next tutorial. Have any ideas for that?? I have some in mind, but I'd love to see your ideas. I won't attempt the baby blanket just yet (although I could get a headstart and start stitching some blocks! Hmmm......

Leave a comment here and I'll choose a random winner to receive this purse! How's that!



  1. fabulous pures. Unfortunately we can't buy printable fabric here. I'd have to print onto an iron-on transfer instead.
    I need to mke some pump packs for my daughter's insulin pump - this might be a good idea for making them fun and personal.
    For your next fabric tutorial? How about a lavendar cushion?

  2. I love it! That Libby is too cute :-)

    How about a baby's bib for your next project?

  3. I absolutely love it! LadyBugs are my favourite.

    This would be a great lil toiletries baggie too!

  4. Adorable! Deanne, here that'd be used for 1- collecting Campbell's Soup labels for the elem school fundraiser, or 2- Collecting Canadian Tire $$ for the elem school to use to buy Phys Ed supplies at year-end!

    I just sent in batches of BOTH this AM matter of fact1 LOL! (Used envelopes I had saved from junk mail to send them in!) Adorable little buggie!

  5. Cute purse; thanks for the opportunity to win it.

  6. So cute!!! I think it would be a great 'holder of stuff' for in my purse......I currenly tuck it all into my check book holder but I could use something better ~ like that purse! :) :)

  7. Wow, what a great idea. How cute is that.

  8. Great project. Your purse is darling.
    It could be used to hold jewelry when traveling. Of course if I had money for traveling I could put it in the purse. :)

  9. How cute. Lady bugs are my favorite bug.

  10. So cute. Your next stitching project could be a pocket on a jean/fleece jacket. I think that some of your images would look so cute sewn on the pocket of a little girl/boy's jean jacket or fleece jacket.

  11. How adorable!! I think this would be good to store giftcards so you always know where they are! Or to fill with lottery tickets! :P

    I think your next project should be a shoulder bag or T-shirt.


  12. My son chose lucky #ll as the winner, so that means it's BOBBI!!! Bobbi, please email me at with your address and I'll get it in the mail for you!

  13. What a fantastic idea ! thanks for sharing