Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Let's Show Some Luving!

Hi all! Wow! It's the last Tuesday in January!!! This month has gone soo fast!!!

I have 4 gift ideas for you today.
I used the LUV digital images available at Digital Delights store-
~Buzzles in Luv
~Cuddles Sends Luv
~Doobie in Luv
~Valentine Bonnie

Other materials I used:
~Asst valentine treats and boxes
~Coloring medium-I used Copics (you can use your own favorite meduim!)
~Patterned paper
~Stickles (optional, you can use glitter!)
~Sanding file
~Distressing ink
~Pop Dots
~Hole Punch
~Sizzix Big Top diecut (optional)

Here is what I started with:

1. I placed the socks and a few kisses into a small zippy lock bag. I cut out a topper using my Sizzix diecut folded it and stapled  it to the top of the bag.You can simply cut a rectangle and staple it to the bag.

2. I used the Buzzles in Luv to decorate my topper. I added Stickles to their wings!

3. The next thing I did was cut a piece of patterned paper to fit over the Marshmallow treat.

4. I used Doobie in Luv to decorate this treat. I added some Stickles to his balloons! This one is EASY!!!!

5.The third item I used was the Heart Notebook. Istarted by opening the wires slightly to get the covers off.

6. I sanded over the tops of the covers for the patterned paper to stick better to them.

7. I spread a layer of glue over the covers and glued patterned paper to them.

8. Once the glue was dried, I used a hole punch and punched out the holes. I trimmed the patterned paper off carefully around the edges, sanded the edges and inked them with distressing ink.

9. I then put the covers back on the notebook.

10. I pushed the wires together again so the covers woudn't fall off.

11. I used Valentine Bonnie and added Stickles to her hearts on her dress and the big heart behind her.

12. The final item I used was the treat box. I took it completely apart carefully. I laid it out flat and spread glue all over it

13. I glued patterned paper to it and let it set. Then I cut it out with my scissors, and folded it at the same places it was originally folded.

14. I glued it all back together. I used small paper clips to hold it together until it set.I like these little clips!

15. I used distressing ink on the edges of the heart.

16. I used Cuddles Sends Luv and added Stickles to his big heart.

Well, that's it. Hope you enjoyed it! You see, it's VERY EASY to fancy up those Valentine treats for loved ones!!! And it's so much FUNNNNNN doing it!!!

Have a happy Tuesday!!!



  1. Love that little heart box! Good stuff, Deanne!

  2. Love the tutorial Deanne! I am especially lovin' that heart box! Thanks!!