Monday, December 14, 2009

Quick and Easy Gift Card Holder Ideas!

We're getting down to the last few days before Christmas! Oops, did you forget to get someone a gift? Need to get them a gift card? Well, here are three different ways to add some FUN to giving someone a gift card!

Gift Card Holder #1
You will need:
-Punch (optional, because you can just use scissors)
-patterned paper
-Digital Delights digital images
-Coloring materials

1. Lick the envelope closed.

2.Using a punch ,clip off the corners of the envelope. You can use just about any sort of punch for this. OR you can simply use your scissors and cut a rectangle shape off the corners.

This punch left an edge on the envelope, so I simply trimmed it off.

The gift card will go in the envelope like this:

3. Now it's ready to embellish! Here's my finished Gift Card Holder #1.

Here's another one.

Gift Card Holder #2
You will need:
-tp paper roll (If you'd prefer NOT to use a tp roll, then use a paper towel roll and cut it to the desired length)
-patterned paper
-small piece of cardstock to make a tag
-coloring materials

1.Flatten your roll.

2. Glue one end closed.

I like to use those little paper clips to hold it together for a few minutes for the glue to set.They are very handy little things!!!

3. Cover with patterned paper.

4. Create a tag to fit inside the holder. The gift card will be adhered to this tag.

5. Trip the edges of one side of the tag.

The card will look like this on the tag.

6. Decorate tag and holder as desired.Here's mine:

And, finally Gift Card Holder #3

You will need:
-1/2 sheet of 81/2X11 sheet of cardstock
-Punch (again optional as you can use your scissors)
-Patterned paper

1. Fold one side of your card in about 3 cm. This will be a pocket for the gift card.

2. Using a punch, make a notch in the center of the fold like so. Again, if you don't have a punch, you can simply cut a notch using your scissors.

3. Glue the edges to complete the pocket.

4. Once that's dry, fold the cardstock to make your card.

Your gift card will go inside the pocket like this:

5. Decorate and embellish as desired. Here's what mine looks like:

Thanks for taking the time to check out my tutorial. These are REALLY very easy and quick to make, they really are!!! Let us know if you try any of them,please!
Have a Joyous Holiday Season!!!



  1. what a fantastic way to recycle those toilet roll tubes! thank you

  2. What great ideas for gift cards. Thanks for sharing them.

  3. What a great tutorial Deanne! I will be making a few of thes for Christmas this year! TFS!

  4. All three of these are just great! I totally love them all. I will for sure be trying the toilet paper one - how fun is that! Thanks a ton! Can't wait until next tuesday!

  5. WONDERFUL ideas Deanne! TYFS! ~ Ali

  6. your ideas are very good!!! i love the final results -- great ways to recycle some items!!! :)

  7. what a great idea..i think it's so easy to make..i would like to use it when design Gift Card envelopes