Tuesday, December 1, 2009

2,5,7,10 Gift Box

Happy DECEMBER 1st!!!
The countdown to Christmas has officially begun!!!

I'm going to show you how to make an easy gift box.The 2,5,7,10 are the numbers where you will be scoring your paper! That's how it got the name!

You will need:
-8 1/2 X 11 pice of cardstock
-scoring pad/scoring tool
-border punch (optional)
-Digital Delights image
-coloring utensils
-Cropodile (optional)

1. Place the cardstock lengthwise. Using scoring tools or your Scor Pal, score your cardstock at 2", 5", 7", and 10".

2. Then turn your cardstock and score at 2" and 7".

3.Lay your cardstock out card horizontally with the 2" section showing at the top. Following the score lines, use your scissors and cut off all of the cardstock but one 2" tall section from the top of the cardstock as shown. This will be the flap to close off the box. (If you look at the score marks, you can see that the top of the sheet is wider than the bottom section. So make sure you're cutting off the wider section, leaving one piece uncut.)

4.Cut the flaps vertically at the bottom of the sheet to make 1 1/2" tall flaps. Cut off the narrow piece. This whole section at the bottom of the sheet will be the bottom of your box.

5.Cut the narrow piece at an angle simply to make it easier to adhere when you put the box together.

6. Using a border punch, punch along the top of the 2" flap. You can use decorative scissors or simply leave it with no decorative border.It's your choice.

7. Fold the box on the score lines and add adhesive to the angled flap. Glue together.The box will look like this:

8.Fold the small flaps on the bottom in, and then fold the bigger flaps and adhere. This is the bottom of the box. It will look like this now.

9. Line up the front and back of the box and pinch it together. This will give the box its shape.

10. Fold the flap down and punch two small holes in the center for ribbon to go through. You can use a Cropodile, or just about anything that can punch a hole, even a darning needle! If you use a needle be careful not to poke yourself and get blood on your lovely creation.I've been there, done that!!!

11. Now, you're ready to decorate the front of the gift box as you wish! I used the darling Nesbitt image for mine! Decide on your image, and color it. Cut it out in the shape you wish and adhere it to the front. Decorate with whatever you like. Put the gift inside the bag (this step is VERY IMPORTANT!!!) and poke a piece of ribbon through the holes and tie shut!

Merry Christmas!!!

*Click on any image to see a larger view.


  1. Lovely little gift box Deanne! Love your comment about the pressie!!! LOL

    Dawn x

  2. Wow that is beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing the tutorial x

  3. Great box and the tutorial is very well explained step by step. Thanks !!!

  4. WHat a great idea! This would be an easy fun little treat for kids or neighbors.

  5. Great tutorial, now I just need a scorer!

  6. How cute!! Love the stamped image!! You ROCK with tutorials!