Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Someone's Gonna Get Boo-ed!

This is a little Halloween treat container that I made to give away to some lucky kid in my school!
I used an ice cream container and painted it black to hold the treats, and decorated it with ribbon bows and a "BOO" tag.You can use some other sort of container, box or gift bag.
My treat container includes games, activities and ,of course, TREATS to EAT!

I used 12 "Digital Delights" delightful Halloween images and printed off 2 sheets of them from orange cardstock. So that made a set of 24 cards. This doesn't look very orange, I know! But, guess what,we were in the middle of getting some SNOW dumped on us as I was doing this tutorial (and I got a 1/2 day SNOW DAY!!!WAHOO!) and it was pretty dark and dull outside. So some of my pics came out BAAADDD, sorry!
Here they are all cut out.
Then I printed off 24 HAPPY HALLOWEEN images and cut them out.I glued them onto the backs of the cards. Here they are all layed out.
Of course I had to try out the game to see if it "worked". After just turning over 4 cards I had a PAIR!!! Yay for me!! Once they were all dried I piled them all up nice and neatly and tied them together with a piece of orange ribbon.

"Digital Delights" images are soooo awesome even when you SUPERSIZE! They are still just as clear as when you print them off at a regular size. I used a print program and placed two images per sheet and made the cutest little coloring booklet! I just printed these off on regular printer paper, but if I had it to do over again, I would have used white cardstock so that the images wouldn't show through. Oh well... It's still ADORABLE!!!
I decorated the front of a little tin with the Ghost image.
I printed off 5 each of 2 images. You will need at least 5 of each to play the game. I punched them out with a scalloped square punch. But of course, you can just trim them with your paper trimmer or cut them out by hand. (Sorry for the blurry pic...)I cut 4 strips of orange.These will make the "grid" on which to play the game.You set it up like THIS!!!I had to play the game, as I had to with the other, to make sure it worked and ,yep, it worked! I won THIS game!! Whoopee! I was Dracula Ridley! Well, I was Ghost, too, come to think of it! This is what the game looks like inside the tin.Now, on to the snacks!
I printed off a HAPPY HALLOWEEN sentiment and glued it to a strip of patterned paper and covered a package of popcorn.I didn't get a pic of it after I finished it.Oops!
I printed off some images and cut them into strips to cover the mini-bars.
This is what they look like.HALLOWEEN CHOCOLATE BALLS
I used an image and made a tag to cover the tag on the bag.
Oh, and I covered a small PRINGLES chips container as well, but didn't get a pic.
Here are all the items together.

...and here they are all in the BOO container.
I hope you have enjoyed the tutorial. We'd love to see your BOO container! There are other games and treats that you could make and decorate for your container.Let's see yours!!!


  1. Hi Deanne,
    Woohoo first to comment!! This is an awesome tutorial, I think I will just go and write my notice out for Wendy now (LOL) - how can I compete with this!! Seriously, when do you sleep girl?? I might make some of the bags for the local kids! Brilliant.
    Dawn xx

  2. Awesome Tutorial Deanne, will definately be giving some of these a try!!

  3. wow wonderful idea's for Halloween, I know my kids will love the games, thanks for sharing

  4. Excellent ideas ! Love them all !

  5. Simply fabby Deann!! The kids will luuuuuuuuv it!!

  6. Ooooooo, I love all the great ideas today. What a cute project. How fun that would be for the kids to make for friends or cousins. I can't wait to try it out.

  7. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh how fabby are they!!!!¬
    Deanne, you did a great job, thanks for the inspiration
    Anne x

  8. Hi Deanne, How totally cute is all this!! What great ideas!! Thanks for sharing!

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  10. Very clever ideas Deanne. I love the memory game idea.

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