Monday, October 5, 2009


To make this banner -or one similar- you will need:
~piece of wood (I "stole" mine from my hubby's garage!!!)
~black paint
~paint brush
~sanding tool (can be a nail file ,if you wish!)
~some 3D glue dots, pop dots or adhesives
~paper trimmer
~some of Digital Delights AWESOME digital images!!!
~supplies to color your images
~patterned paper (I used some of the new Eerie Basic Grey for mine)
~stapler (optional)
~other materials such as wire, popsicle stick, raffia, cotton batting

1.Start by choosing which Halloween images (found in the shop) you want to include in your scene. These are the ones I chose. I printed the Witch Rosie a little smaller because she was going to be flying through the air and will "look" farther away than the other images. I also printed off the Happy Halloween sentiment and the cat and pumpkin (cut off the cat and kept the pumpkin, sorry kitty!!!) but forgot to include it in the picture.Oops!2. Color the images and cut them out. I used Copic Ciao markers but you can use any coloring medium you wish.Here they are a little closer up. Don't look too closely at my coloring as I only have a few markers yet and have almost NO experience in using them!!! :O)On the Haunted House I added some cotton batting to make "smoke" for the chimney...On the sentiment I added a popsicle stick to make a sign...And on the little ghost, I glued some wire on him so that he will look like he floating around playing peek-a-boo and trying to scare the be-jeebers out of everyone, but he knows he too cute for that!!3.Paint your piece of wood using black paint.It doesn't matter if there are rough edges on it! That makes it look even better if it's not all cut and sanded and looking all "purty"!!! I know, I said you would need a sanding tool, yeah! It's for the next step!4. Cut a piece of patterned paper and glue it to the wood, after the paint is dry. Sand the edges to give it a rougher look.5.Decide where your images are going to go, and start adhering them using your pop dots. I used thicker pop dots for the images that I wanted to look closer (like the sign and pumpkin), and thinner for the farther away images (like the witch).I placed some short pieces of yellow and green raffia to represent grass underneath the sign.For the ghost I did it a little different. I poked a hole in the wood and put a dab of glue in the hole.Then I poked the end of the wire in it and let it dry before going any further.6.The final step is to place the piece of ribbon on the back of the wood. I stapled it, but you can glue it, too.Embellish the ribbon with a button ,if you like.Here are some pics of the banner closeup.
I hope you enjoyed the tutorial. If you try one like it, let us know! We'd LOVE to take a visit to admire your creation!


  1. This is terrific Deanne!! I luv it and want to make one myself now!! Thankis so much!!

  2. Hi Deanne,
    Wow this is fantastic. I may have to seriously rethink my tutorial for next week now!!! You have certainly set a very high standard. Well done!

  3. Wow Deanne,

    This is soooo fantastic. I absolutely love it, shame about the cat.

    Ali x

  4. I love it, fantastic project.

  5. Wow! You have started off with a bang, here! LOL! I don't know what you will do next to top this tutorial. THIS is GREAT! I will have to get the cat in there somewhere though because I am a cat lover. LOL! I can't wait to see what you have for us next week!

  6. wow I love it I wanna make one..guess Im off to buy some more digi'
    thank you for the great idea and showing us how to do it

  7. Wow Deanne, stunning work!!! You've did a fabby job
    Anne x

  8. Super tutorial, Deanne!! And your coloring looks fine!

  9. What a FUN project Deanne!!! Thanks so much for the tutorial!!! I thinks it's absolutely adorable!

  10. Great tutorial Deanne!

  11. Wow wonderful job, I love it!!!

  12. A fab tutorial. I love the way you've done the ghost with the wire. Thanks Deanne.
    Julie x

  13. Super cute project. Thanks for sharing.

  14. That is a fantastic tutorial! Looks awesome! Love the ghost!

  15. So cool, just love it :) Great job on the tutorial!

  16. Deanne, as always and forever, you are a SMASHING teacher. I love your enthusiasm, your awesome project amd how you ALWAYS leave tons of room for folks to personalize what they create. LOVE THIS Tutorial and project!! - xo-Ali

  17. this is so cute! thanks for the tutorial.

  18. What a fantastic Tut, I will have to try that one out.

  19. hi deanne,
    great little project! love it... will have to try myself soon :)

  20. I made one yay!! its on my blog tell me what a think, do think it looks ok??
    my project

  21. Thank You for the fantastic tutorial,

  22. Gave it a try...nowhere near as good as Deanne though!

  23. Deanne this is awesome, what a fab tutorial, must give this a go, now off to find some wood. thanks Hugs Avril xxx